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Why Meek wrote on Instagram at the picture of Lil Sunpe's killer ''free him'' does it means free him and we gonna kill him or he means the judge should not punish him because of that?

I Doubt That Was Him ; He Dont Do Bullshit Like That Plus Snupe Was His Youngin He Wouldn’t Dare Say Free The Bastard That Killed Him

Anonymous asked:
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OMG Meek Mill has a picture with the killer of Lil SNuPE I don't know when the image was taken but I saw it on a Meek Mill fan page and it just makes me scares

At One Point In Time Everybody Even Snupe Thought That Man Was His Friend 

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"Nobody Does It Better" by Lil’ Snupe & Meek Mill


Video: R.I.P. Lil Snupe: Lil Snupe Ft. Meek Mill - Nobody [Tribute]

"Gangstas move in silence nigga and I dont talk a lot"

Meek Mill

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